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The Seal is a single-player puzzle-platformer inspired by INSIDE, Prince of Persia, sokoban, and rube goldberg machines.

Since it's a puzzle game, the exact playtime varies from player to player, but a play through typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes for first-time players.

This is my thesis project for my MFA in Game Design at DePaul. I'm still working on it, but this build is a complete game, is plenty playable, and is stable (although there are a few bugs to work out still). Please check it out and comment below! There's no sound or menus yet, but that's the sort of stuff I'll be getting to shortly. Right now I'm a team of 1: I do all of the programming, game design, level design, 3d modeling, and animation myself.

Controls: (keyboard)

Arrow Keys or WASD - move around

Space - Jump

E - interact (pick up or put down stone, toggle switches)

Backspace or Delete - Reset the level

Controls: (gamepad)

Control stick : move around

A (or the bottom button) - jump

X (or the left/west button) - interact (pick up or put down stone, toggle switches)

Select (or uhhh I dunno) - Reset the level


F5 - Previous Level

F6 - Next Level


the-seal-proto-19-windows.zip 27 MB

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Really enjoyed play testing this game, I found the puzzles both infuriating and addictive to complete. Great job!

I had a great time playing The Seal! Fun puzzles with a very satisfying ending. Interesting thematic implications as well!